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[PDF] ↠ If I Ran the Zoo Author Dr. Seuss –

If I Ran the ZooAnimals Abound In Dr Seuss S Caldecott Honor Winning Picture Book If I Ran The Zoo Gerald McGrew Imagines The Myriad Of Animals He D Have In His Very Own Zoo, And The Adventures He Ll Have To Go On In Order To Gather Them All Featuring Everything From A Lion With Ten Feet To A Fizza Ma Wizza Ma Dill, This Is A Classic Seussian Crowd Pleaser In Fact, One Of Gerald S Creatures Has Even Become A Part Of The Language The Nerd

[PDF] ↠ If I Ran the Zoo Author Dr. Seuss –
  • Hardcover
  • 64 pages
  • If I Ran the Zoo
  • Dr. Seuss
  • English
  • 19 November 2018
  • 9780394800813

    10 thoughts on “[PDF] ↠ If I Ran the Zoo Author Dr. Seuss –

  1. says:

    It s nice to have a zany sense of humour most of the time Dr Seuss, of course, was a master of zaniness And If I Ran the Zoo takes Zany to new limits In it, a little kid named McGrew dreams of turning the town zoo into a home for mythical, magical beasts who become and weird with each turning page.Now I know why I always had an off the wall sense of humour Too much Dr Seuss did it back in those dreary and repressive 1950 s I was like a tot who s always high on sugar In later life I would pay for it, and learn a valuable lesson.Mike was a bright and capable young man who used to work for me, back in my office days One day our director contacted me to say Mike had been promoted, and he wanted to give him the good news in his office.Well, with my dumb sense of humour I suggested we play a joke on poor MikeI was the officer in charge of directorate office inventory, on top of my project load the inventory work meant keeping tabs on furniture and valuable items and Mike did most of the tabulating.Dumb me I suggested concocting my outrageous joke that the director call the meeting for the purpose of finding some missing computer hardware, and figuring out who was responsible for the theft Well, the joke worked but Mike never respected me again because of it.You know, books like Dr Seuss s wer...

  2. says:

    Quite a ride in a zoo WANTED ZOOKEEPER But if I ran the zoo, Said young Gerald McGrew, I d make a few changes. That s just what I d do It s a wonderful tale about a young kid imagining what kind of animals,from every strange and oddball places around the world,he d bring to the zoo and it that way to attract audience to it.Illustrates quite well, again, the theme of Dream Bigger , butagain, the ending I won t tell Don t worry is kinda anti climatic for my par...

  3. says:

    Who doesn t love Dr Seuss, with his nonsensical words and lovable creatures This was an adorable story of what a boy imagines he would put in his zoo if it were his, to make it the best zoo in the world One of a kind creatur...

  4. says:

    While on the project of re reading classic children s books with my nine year old brother, If I Ran The Zoo, was the third book of our expedition into Dr Seuss s world.Exactly like all of his other books, this one was great A little journey into weird, and extraordinary nooks all over the fantasy world with one goal, to find and capture, unique animals and bring them back to the new zoo The Zoo McGrew, made by little Gerald McGrew, is the place to be if you are an amazing animal, or a curious person The only place all over the world to see all those unbelievable animals together.The story was cute, sweet,imaginative, with incredible illustrations and a nice vibe all over We h...

  5. says:

    Probably the only Suess book I ve read that just doesn t work Reading these rhymes out loud was difficult, and not in a fun way The sentences were way too long and stretched oddly to make them rhyme It just didn t flow well But the worst part is the casual racism Wh...

  6. says:

    Dr Seuss famous trademark for his children s book are the rhyming and made up words, which I have enjoyed in this tale Once , he showcased how a child s imagination is immense just like how creative Gerald McGrew is in the story.

  7. says:

    Mainly due to the phrase helpers who all wear their eyes at a slant , I can not recommend this book I was surprised and not expecting to encounter such a statement in a Dr Seuss book Guess that showed me Luckily, I tend to read ahead in my mind and skipped that entire part when reading to my children People who excuse such comments based on when the book was written annoy ...

  8. says:

    I don t believe in banning books, but I wish I had been warned about this book There are, to me, very offensive depictions and descriptions of Asians and Africans in this book When I turned the page and saw the helpers who all wear their eyes at a slant , I felt as though a hand had reached ...

  9. says:

    Probably would ve been a higher rating if it hadn t been for some of the racial slurs Oh well.

  10. says:

    I like Dr Seuss as much as the next guy, but boy howdy does this book have some problems First off, the whole premise of the book is upsetting A little boy fantasizes about becoming the new zoo keeper He imagines capturing the most rare and unusual animals for his zoo, embarking on a hunting expedition to catch as many unusual animals as he can find Then we start in with the racism Specifically against Asian people With helpers who all wear their eyes at a slant Yeeaaah that s not okay Then there s a part about the animal he ll capture from the Mid East I ll capture a scraggle foot Mulligatawny, A high stepping animal fast as the wind From blistering sands of the Desert of Zind A Mulligatawny is fine for my zoo And so is a chieftan I ll bring one back, too Oh, so we re endorsing human trafficking and slavery now AWESOME But we continue The zoo keeper has to deal with especially dangerous animals at times, and for these he needs the Bad Animal Catching Machine Because clearly stealing sometimes very rare and endangered animals out of their natural habitat and putting them in a zoo is a dangerous business.I wish I could post a picture of the page showing the African bird he plans to capture In the image, two figures are holding the bird on...

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