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[Epub] Above the Bay of Angels By Rhys Bowen –

Above the Bay of Angels Sweeping And Intimate, Warm And Gripping I Loved It Louise Penny, New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Chief Inspector Gamache Novels A Single Twist Of Fate Puts A Servant Girl To Work In Queen Victoria S Royal Kitchen, Setting Off A Suspenseful, Historical Mystery By The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Tuscan Child And The Victory Garden Isabella Waverly Only Means To Comfort The Woman Felled On A London Street In Her Final Dying Moments, She Thrusts A Letter Into Bella S Hand It S An Offer Of Employment In The Kitchens Of Buckingham Palace, And Everything The Budding Young Chef Desperately Wants An Escape From The Constrictions Of Her Life As A Lowly Servant In The Stranger S Stead, Bella Can Spread Her WingsArriving As Helen Barton From Yorkshire, She Pursues Her Passion For Creating Culinary Delights, Served To The Delighted Queen Victoria Herself Best Of All, She S Been Chosen To Accompany The Queen To Nice What Fortune Until The Threat Of Blackmail Shadows Bella To The Riviera, And A Member Of The Queen S Retinue Falls Ill And DiesHaving Prepared The Royal Guest S Last Meal, Bella Is Suspected Of The Poisonous Crime An Investigation Is Sure To Follow Her Charade Will Be Over And Her New Life Will Come Crashing Down If It Doesn T Send Her To The Gallows

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    I always enjoy a book from Rhys Bowen Her historical fiction in particular never fails to be appropriately set, creating the right atmosphere for the period Above the Bay of Angels takes place during the reign of Queen Victoria and presents a slightly fantastical but very enjoyable story about a servant who manages to rise above her current position in life Bella comes from a good family but is impoverished and due to an amazing stroke of luck finds herself working at Buckingham Palace A series of unexpected events and the assistance of people she meets lead her to an unexpected future.It was all very comfortable and satisfying and I enjoyed it very much Sometimes it is just nice to revel in someone else s good fortune however unrealistic it may be.My thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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    Bella Waverly is born into an untitled aristocratic family, but through a series of events finds herself in service to a nouveau riche family in order to support her alcoholic father and younger sister Here she discovers a love of cooking and aspires to use this to launch her own career But the lady of the house who recognises her talent refuses to give her references, essentially binding Bella to her household.Through an unfortunate accident Bella finds an opportunity presents itself and if she is prepared to take on the name of another girl she may be able to make her on way at last But will this indiscretion came back to bite her Can she continue to get away with pretending to be another person A delightful insight into the workings of a royal household This is a lovely historical fiction story set in the later years of Queen Victoria.Thank you Lake Union Publishing and Netgalley for the opportunity the read this uncorrected digital ARC in exchange for an honest opinion.

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    AboveTheBayOfAngels NetGalley Thanks to NetGalley and Lake Union for this advance copy of Rhys Bowen s latest stand alone A single twist of fate puts a servant girl to work in Queen Victoria s royal kitchen, setting off a suspenseful, historical mystery I enjoyed it and the historical period it evoked Of course Queen Victoria was a bit out of known character but who knows I would not mind it being the beginning of a short series as the characters were a bit uneven, but that came and went in the book That often happens with the first part of a series.I enjoyed the time period and setting and it was a fun read I think that Helen Bella s figuring out the killer was a little bit hard to be plausible, but it was fiction.

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    Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres, because when done right, one learns a lot about a different time and place Such was the case in this book, although the story was a bit boring and far fetched I did enjoy reading about the inner workings of the royal household in the late years of Queen Victoria s reign The beginning of the book was promising, but the middle parts got bogged down I pushed myself to finish it and I m glad I did, but overall it was not a page turner Thank you to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for the opportunity to read an ARC of this book.

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    Slice of History with a Dash of SuspenseWhen her aristocratic father lapses into alcoholism, Bella Waverly must forget about school and go into service to support her family Motherless and without any practical training, she finds herself at the very bottom of Britain s social ladder As a scullery maid, she lugs coal up multiple flights of stairs all day and collapses into a dreamless sleep at night Though she gradually works her way up to assistant baker she doesn t see much of a future for herself Then one day she witnesses an ominbus run into a young woman and rushes to her aid The dying woman shoves a letter into Bella s hand and in a moment everything changes The letter, as it turns out, is an offer of employment at Buckingham Palace as an undercook for Queen Victoria Bella ignores her misgivings about impersonating a dead woman and grabs at the chance to make a better life for herself But, as always, such choices come with risks Above the Bay of Angels is the first Rhys Bowen novel I ve read and it s the sort of cozy mystery I enjoy The historical backdrop kept me engaged and I especially liked Bowen s decision to set part of the novel at the Hotel Regina, which was built for Queen Victoria s vacations in Nice As a baker, I loved the descriptions of the queen s kitchens and the pastries Bella prepares this was actually why I chose to read the book Bella s character is a likeable, spirited cozy mystery heroine and the supporting characters, particularly the historical figures, were well sketched, for the most part Bowen captures Victoria s strong, intelligent, independent character, as well as her son Edward s tendency to seduce every woman he encountered There is even a cameo of Sarah Bernhardt, the famous French actress who was Edward s mistress at one point I also appreciated the upstairs downstairs mood that persisted throughout the book as a down on her luck aristocrat, Bella is caught between two very different worlds and must ultimately decide which one she wants to commit to Does she want an easy life of luxury or should she pursue her passion for cooking There is one drawback to the novel the mystery aspect is definitely not the plot s driving force While the story begins with an intriguing mix up, the suspense is put on the back burner pun intended until the second half of the book The murder occurs quickly and is resolved just as rapidly, so if you re looking for an edge of your seat page turner, this probably isn t the Bowen novel to start with On the other hand, if you re in the mood for a light, charming read that depicts a little known historical vignette, this might be the book for you It reminds me of the vintage postcards I collect quaint yet vivid, with just a tinge of the enigmatic Much thanks to Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for providing me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    Thanks to Net Galley and Lake Union Publishing for this advanced reading copy granting me a very enjoyable reading experience It will be published in Feb 2020.This book paints a sad picture initially as we meet a young woman in London working below stairs for little reward plus a dollop of cruelty Her story is a moving one as she was born to aristocracy but her father does not support his two daughters after the death of his wife since he prefers alcohol Then he dies Bella supports her younger sister with all her strength and low wages Then her sister decides on marriage rather than continuing school that Bella had been paying for A twist of fate brings opportunity to Bella with a chance to enter service in the kitchens of Queen Victoria and a ray of light enters the picture Queen Victoria includes Bella in the retinue she takes to Nice for her winter visit to the hotel built for her There will be many challenges on the Riviera for the young woman including suspicion of murder How will she cope This historical romance mystery succeeds in delivering a delightful and satisfying read.

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    I enjoyed this mostly for it s historical and geographical setting A murder mystery late in the novel was an added bonus, used mainly as a device to bring the main character s secret out in the open.Isabella Waverley, an educated girl from an aristocratic family was forced to work as a maid when her mother died and her father squandered everything they had on the demon drink Discovering that she enjoys cooking, she manages to train in the kitchen of a large house and through a twist of fate lands a job in Queen Victoria s kitchen where she starts to specialise as a pastry cook Isabella is lucky enough to get taken with the Queen s entourage to Nice for the summer when the pastry cook is injured and falls in love with the town, the markets and French food However, when a member of German royalty falls ill and dies, Isabella is suspected of poisoning him This is a very pleasant read, a little slow perhaps, but entertaining Queen Victoria is towards the end of her life in this novel and is depicted as a little rotund women in the black garb of mourning who loves her food Isabella as the main character was appealing as she stuck to her principles despite all she had been through and the deceptive way she got her job in the palace I did think could have been made of the made of the murder mystery and perhaps not had it solved quite so quickly by Isabella finding all the clues herself view spoiler the gun, the oleander leaves, the chocolates hide spoiler

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    Thank you NetGalley and Lake Union for the eARC.This is a historical story I enjoyed a lot and the first Rhys Bowen book I ve read.Isabella comes from a good family fallen onto hard times and finds herself working as a maid at age 15 Her mother is dead, her father an out of work alcoholic and it s up to her to look after her younger sister An unexpected incident ends with her working at Queen Victoria s palace She loves her job in the kitchen and is determined to become a pastry chef, her dream job.Going to Nice as part of the Queen s retinue is everything she dreamed of as a child and will change her life forever.It was fascinating to learn about Queen Victoria s later years and my goodness, the array of foods described and the Queen eats is unbelievable, very informative Some of the savories were a bit creepy tiny birds , but the pastries sounded wonderful.A good, atmospheric novel I definitely recommend.

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    Bowen gives her many fans such wonderful stories, and this standalone is another winner Towards the end of the reign of Queen Victoria, near the turn of the century, Isabella, a young British woman from an educated and cultured background, has to enter hard service as a housemaid to support her irresponsible father and young sister Isabella will have readers immediately cheering for her success and following her story avidly as she discovers an aptitude for cooking and leverages a chance encounter into a job in the household of Queen Victoria Soon, the scene changes to the south of France, as the household travels with the Queen on her winter escape Bowen does an excellent job in describing the Queen, her peculiarities and her entourage, as well as the menu preparation and food both in London and in France It s a fascinating picture into the royal family at this period Bowen does a great deal of research, which provides her novels with plenty of fact, seamlessly woven into a rich, imaginative story There s plenty of intrigue and suspense, too And a highly satisfying ending Highly recommended

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    Thank you to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for a chance to review this novel by Rhys Bowen I m sorry to say I was very disappointed in this novel It was very slow very little even happened until 75% of the was through the book I enjoyed the chance to read the book, but did not enjoy the outlandish story Bella Helen just was so very childish and unrealistic It was very nearly a DNF for me.

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