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!!> Reading ➶ The Other Bennet Sister ➮ Author Janice Hadlow –

The Other Bennet Sister Mary, The Bookish Ugly Duckling Of Pride And Prejudice S Five Bennet Sisters, Emerges From The Shadows And Transforms Into A Desired Woman With Choices Of Her OwnWhat If Mary Bennet S Life Took A Different Path From That Laid Out For Her In Pride And Prejudice What If The Frustrated Intellectual Of The Bennet Family, The Marginalized Middle Daughter, The Plain Girl Who Takes Refuge In Her Books, Eventually Found The Fulfillment Enjoyed By Her Prettier, Confident Sisters This Is The Plot Of The Other Bennet Sister, A Debut Novel With Exactly The Affection And Authority To Satisfy Austen FansUltimately, Mary S Journey Is Like That Taken By Every Austen Heroine She Learns That She Can Only Expect Joy When She Has Accepted Who She Really Is She Must Throw Off The False Expectations And Wrong Ideas That Have Combined To Obscure Her True Nature And Prevented Her From What Makes Her Happy Only When She Undergoes This Evolution Does She Have A Chance At Finding Fulfillment Only Then Does She Have The Clarity To Recognize Her Partner When He Presents Himself And Only At That Moment Is She Genuinely Worthy Of LoveMary S Destiny Diverges From That Of Her Sisters It Does Not Involve Broad Acres Or Landed Gentry But It Does Include A Man And, As In All Austen Novels, Mary Must Decide Whether He Is The Truly The One For Her In The Other Bennet Sister, Mary Is A Fully Rounded Character Complex, Conflicted, And Often Uncertain But Also Vulnerable, Supremely Sympathetic, And Ultimately The Protagonist Of An Uncommonly Satisfying Debut Novel

!!> Reading ➶ The Other Bennet Sister  ➮ Author Janice Hadlow –
  • Hardcover
  • 480 pages
  • The Other Bennet Sister
  • Janice Hadlow
  • English
  • 08 July 2017
  • 9781250129413

    10 thoughts on “!!> Reading ➶ The Other Bennet Sister ➮ Author Janice Hadlow –

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    There have been numberless revisits, of course, to Pride Prejudice but so many are sunny romances this, like Jo Baker s Longbourn takes a welcome critical look at that well loved classic and at the characters within it Focusing on Mary, the leftover Bennet who we love to mock, this redraws the whole family, including Jane and Lizzy, and also makes us ashamed of our complicity in sidelining Mary however pious and dull, it s a terrible thing for a girl to feel unloved and unwanted in her own family Hadlow doesn t overdo things so this never becomes a kind of Bennet misery memoir, but it does offer a new perspective on well known events.The first third has too much PP for my taste Hadlow cut and pastes great swathes of the original which I found myself skimming it s only after that point that this starts to take on a new life of its own There are new instances of pride and prejudice , of sense vs sensibility, and Mary comes into her own even facing a dilemma lifted from Emma with aplomb I d say that some of the character development is too fast and implausible Mary goes from being repressed and lacking in self respect to charmingly forthright and bold in the snap of a finger, for example All the same, this re opens the original with one eye on our present of course and deals with issues of self worth in a light way It s worth pushing on through the repetitive first third, the interlude that takes us to 50% as then the book takes on a life of its own.

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    DNF 50% my first DNF of 2020.Janice Hadlow s version of Mary Bennet struck me as a Georgian era version of today s I m not like other girls girl.Mary Bennet has already been the subject of many sequels and re tellings there is a great article on her character called There s Something About Mary Bennet but I don t think that Hadlow s vision of her is particularly compelling or improving In The Other Bennet Sister Mary is painted as the overlooked underdog which fair enough, Hadlow wanted to give a reason why Mary seems so unappealing in Pride and Prejudice who is constantly overshadowed by her sisters The problem isMary is so self pitying as to be completely unsympathetic The first few chapters tell painfully slow and dull accounts of all the ways in which Mary has been mistreated by her family She is plain, not very charming, and so unbearably sanctimonious She actually believes that she is better than her sisters and is incredibly dismissive of their personalities, hobbies, and observations Whichyeah, being bitter is fine but why be such a solipsistic whiner Mary is constantly playing her own violin.I ve only read half of this book and so far the story is a re telling of Pride and Prejudice from Mary s perspective Her life isn t that all exciting she tries some glasses on, she buys a pretty dress, and she tries some makeup There were painfully detailed descriptions of the most basic of things Which might have been vaguely appealing if Mary wasn t such a downer At one point I wouldn t have been surprised if she d broken into a conceal don t feel type of song.The other characters are rather different from their source material Charlotte is turned into a rather vindictive personwhich didn t really resonate with me.Credit where credit s due Hadlow does render the historical setting of her story and her language does occasionally echo that of Jane Austen herself.What can I say I liked the idea of this book and I love the coverbut the actual contents aren t my cup of tea Maybe it gets better, maybe Mary changesbut life is short and if I read one line on poor Mary I might loose itRead reviews on my blog View all my reviews on Goodreads

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    Pitch perfect, this is the best continuation of a Jane Austen novel I have read The author has captured the tone and spirit of the original, and given new life to one of its most sidelined characters, Mary Bennet Not only that, but she has also enhanced my understanding of one of the least likeable, Mr William Collins I am glad that I read this book, having initially been wary because of bad experiences with other Jane lite novels, which either repeated her plots in plodding prose, or twisted her characters into unlikely poses Here I found nothing which jarred on my sensibilities, and found much to savour.My only quibbles are that I thought the resolution of the plot was unduly protracted and that Mrs Bennet was made to appear as rather malign than the silly, narrow, and undereducated woman Austen portrays.Recommended Very readable and most enjoyable.Thank you to NetGalley and Pan Macmillan for the digital review copy.

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    3.5 starsMary Bennet, the middle sister, possesses neither beauty not charm shared by her sisters The ugly duckling becomes the subject of many conversations She finds consolation in music as she has no talent for drawing or painting and no patience for needlework To stretch her intellect, Mary asks her mother to hire a governess, which is met with bleak enthusiasm She is directed to Mr Bennet s library to read to her heart s content To her surprise the first book she picks is written by a woman To her disappointment, that s the only book in her father s library written by a woman Nevertheless, she felt the unused muscles of her mind flex and curiosity stir within her Normally, she wouldn t be interested in attending ball, but now she is even excited about it.My weakness is I have a hard time resisting books associated with Jane Austin But then the realization hits me that I already know those characters Even though, Mary is a very interesting character and the writing is superb with wonderful sense of humor, it wasn t enough for me I think I m expecting something new that would surprise me and it doesn t come.The story is way too long It would be much stronger with some parts trimmed.

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    Ugh.I was overjoyed when I saw this book at my local bookshop as I loved the idea of Mary s story put to the page It seemed so promising And it was at first.Then it turned into Pride and Prejudice 2.0 Mary s POV , until Part Two where it jolts two years into the future I remained hopeful it would not be too fanfic y.The latter half of Part 3 and onwards saw an intelligent, burdened, lonely story turn into too much a RomCom for me Mary gets a makeover Mary falls in love It was just waaaayyy too cheesy and unoriginal for my tastes I found the character development jarringly sudden and not much earned, and I was never convinced by the relationship with Mr Hayward I appreciate the new perspective on Mr Collins, but disliked the rather unnecessary turn of Charlotte Lucas into a vindictive, selfish woman And with as much page time as Caroline Bingley gets, I d hope to get a rounded view of her rather than to just have her be a Mean Girl.There are also not one but FIVE very indiscreet nods to Pride and Prejudice some of these direct citations that takes you completely out of the story because they re so obvious yes, I m looking at you, Lizzie complaining about the characters in her book not seeing they re a perfect match.Sad to say because I had such high hopes for this one , but it s gonna have to be a no from me, fam.

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    All any of us want is a little attention, she thought from The Other Bennett Sister by Janice HadlowPoor Mary Bennett, the ugly duckling sister, the comic foil, the forgotten and ignored child Portrayed in film as squinting, clueless, socially inept, pseudo intellectual, and plain.Her story must be depressing She watches her older sisters marry well for love, and her silliest, youngest sister at least snags a handsome rake Even Charlotte Lucas gets her ever after happy to have a home if not Mr Collins as a mate.Janice Hadlow s debut novel The Other Bennett Sister channels Austen s character Mary Bennett, imagining a worthy character who lives into a richer life The novel shows inspiration from Austen s story and themes yet Hadlow develops the story in an original way, true to the historical time and setting.Themes of self realization, self recreation, learning through error, prejudice and pride, sense and sensibility are all a part of Mary s path The first part of the book follows Pride and Prejudice from Mary s perspective Those of us familiar with Austen s novel must be patient the best is to come We do learn that Mary had taken to reading theology and philosophy hoping for her father s approval After her sisters, including Kitty, are married and Mr Bennett has passed, twenty year old Mary and Mrs Bennett are dependent on the rich sisters Miss Bingley takes out her disappointment on Mary with whispered jabs And the Darcy household is too happy and perfect to easily allow her room In desperation, Mary turns to the Gardiners They offer Mary the example of a happy marriage, value her for herself, and provide good counsel.When Mary is convinced to select a new wardrobe to better suit London society, I loved the descriptions of spotted and stripped and sprigged muslins, the fad colors of coromandel and jonquil, the green dress that will replace the dull colors that had allowed Mary to previously disappear into the woodwork.In her simple elegance, Mary takes her place in society and attracts the attention of several men One combines good sense and steadiness with a love of poetry The other embraces free thinking and prefers the pursuit of sensation as life s goal.She meets men with a love of the novel I love the many references to the literature and poetry that arises in conversation William Godwin s Poetic Justice Mary Wollstonecraft Lord Byron and ShelleyTintern Abbey and We Are Seven by William Wordsworth also his Guide to the LakesEvelina by Fanny BurneyTom Jones by Henry FieldingPamela and Sir Charles Grandison by Samuel RichardsonI loved how the Romantic Era makes its impact on her life with Mary s unsuitable beau extolling feeling and sensation and rejecting cultural expectations and values, especially concerning the role of women and marriage as a socio economic compromise.Our lives are so brief and yet we spend so much of them obeying rules we did not make from The Other Bennett Sister by Janice HadlowMary early prefers the steady man But his reticence leaves Mary to be persuaded into unwise decisions.This landscape gives us a proper sense of perspective It shows us our smallness in the great scheme of things from The Other Bennett Sister by Janice HadlowThe Gardiners take that trip to the Lake District they had once planned for Elizabeth Mary s preferred beau accompanies them while the other just shows up.Before she came to the Lakes, she had read a great deal about the subline sights so extraordinary they could not be adequately described, only felt and experienced She had never expected to feel for herself such an extraordinary consummation from The Other Bennett Sister by Janice Hadlowthey caught sight of the great lake at Windermere then they were quiet, for it was a sight magnificent enough to silence anyone from The Other Bennett SisterThe group decides to walk up the second largest mountain in England It is a rocky climb that will last all day and threatens Mary s future happiness.The romance has enough twists and turns for any Austen lover, with the satisfaction of a happy ending This is not a plot giveaway any Austen fan fiction must have it s happily ever after.Hadlow has given us a fantastic read.I was given access to a free egalley by the publisher through NetGalley My review is fair and unbiased.

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    I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review It is due for release in January 2020.When the book starts, the style of narration is so interesting You can almost hear the author making observations about all the goings on in the Bennet household at the time of the Netherfield ball It invites a really thoughtful examination of all the Bennets and their relationships to each other particularly to Mary What becomes very evident early on is that Mary has no real place in her family she is either an annoyance or invisible and so we get to know a young lady who is lonely and sad with no real identity of her own The reader sees Mary with all the members of her family with the message that she is always wrong given to her over and over again I really felt sorry for her The story then moves forwards as Mary tries to find a long term arrangement for herself somewhere she fits in this results in a very similar set of experiences dismissed, disregarded and unimportant This goes on for a long time before a meeting with a new acquaintance seems to ignite a new interest in Mary which is the key to her discovering herself, her personality and her own interests It s a real coming of age tale as she grows into herself and becomes typical of the Bennet female The tone and style of the book is really good it s got a really authentic feel It s really really long It s taken me a long time to read, despite holding my interest Things don t really start changing for Mary until the second half of the book This isn t a story full of action and adventure it s not a love story It s a story about self knowledge, discovery and relationships with others Elizabeth, Darcy, Bingley, Jane and Mrs Bennet feature but not significantly The reader spends most of the time with Mary, the Gardiners and their acquaintances Mr Ryder and Mr Haywood Miss Bingley features quite heavily and is delightfully obnoxious which is just how I like her This is a really well written book It has made me appreciate Mary a lot as well as the prospects for a woman who is not a traditional beauty and has intellectual interests I like this Mary and the reader is taken on a real journey with her.

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    The Other Bennet Sister is a very interesting look at one of the overlooked characters in Pride and Prejudice the middle child, Mary Bennet.What I really liked about The Other Bennet Sister was that Hadlow spends a lot of time really taking a good look at some of the minor characters and interactions Mr Collins, Caroline Lucas, Miss Bingley and the ball at Netherfield are all examined and shown through another light or another point of view She manages to create a much three dimensional and sympathetic figures out of characters usually seen as unsympathetic or merely humorous She presents a rationale behind actions of forgotten characters and shows of the consequences of their decisions play out.The early section of the book re covers a lot of the ground from Pride and Prejudice itself, but we also get to see a lot of Mary s upbringing and how it affects her perception and interaction with those events.Mary s the ugly duckling of the five sisters the boring one, the smart one, the one that should have to take a far practical approach to love and marriage We get to see how this informs her relationships with the other Bennet girls, Charlotte, her mother and eventually with the various men that come into their lives It s fascinating to see especially in Mary s conversations with other women how various factors affect the choices and opportunities and decisions women face in this society when they re not buffered by Lizzy and Jane s protagonist shields.The Other Bennet Sister was both incredibly interesting and wonderfully charming I kept picking it up when I had other things to do and staying up with it well past lights out time I think it s perhaps a tad long it could be nearer to 400 words than 500 without losing anything but that s a very minor gripe about a wonderful story.This is one of those ARCs that I enjoyed so much that I ll be picking up a finished copy for myself to reread at a later date.

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    I m listening to this on audiobook the size was a little too intimidating for proper reading already enjoying it immensely

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    I always wonder about Mary when reading or watching Pride and Prejudice, so I was thrilled to get this novel I really like the authors take on Mary It brought the Bennett family in focus from a much different view, and while entertaining, it didn t deviate from Austen s novel, only added to it I like how Mary, by herself, became a strong character and was very smart She was book smart and smart with her decisions I like how you saw a lot of true emotion from her character and how in the end she stood up for herself, while recognizing her own faults I received an advance reader copy from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review These opinions are my own.

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