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EPUB ✶ Yours, for Probably Always Author Janet Somerville –

Yours, for Probably Always Starred Review Somerville Makes An Impressive Book Debut With A Life Of Novelist, Journalist, And Intrepid War Correspondent Martha Gellhorn , Told Through A Captivating Selection Of Her Letters To Friends, Family, Husbands, And Lovers The Volume Is Enriched By Somerville S Biographical Narrative And Her Decision To Include Responses Of Many Recipients And, In Some Cases, Letters Between Individuals Who Were Especially Significant In Gellhorn S Life An Engrossing Collection That Burnishes Gellhorn S Reputation As An Astute Observer, Insightful Writer, And Uniquely Brave Woman Kirkus, July , A Titan Of American Letters It S High Time For Gellhorn To Emerge From The Shadows Of Twentieth Century Literature Into The Bright Light Of Mainstream RecognitionThe Washington Post Book World On Martha Gelhorn Before Email, When Long Distance Telephone Calls Were Difficult And Expensive, People Wrote Letters, Often Several Each Day Today, Those Letters Provide An Intimate And Revealing Look At The Lives And Loves Of The People Who Wrote Them When The Author Is A Brilliant Writer Who Lived An Exciting, Eventful Life, The Letters Are Especially InterestingMartha Gellhorn Was A Strong Willed, Self Made, Modern Woman Whose Journalism, And Life, Were Widely Influential At The Time And Cleared A Path For Women Who Came After Her An Ardent Anti Fascist, She Abhorred Objectivity Shit And Wrote About Real People Doing Real Things With Intelligence And Passion She Is Most Famous, To Her Enduring Exasperation, As Ernest Hemingway S Third Wife Long After Their Divorce, Her Short Tenure As Mrs Hemingway From To Invariably Eclipsed Her Writing And, Consequently, She Never Received Her Full DueGellhorn S Work And Personal Life Attracted A Disparate Cadre Of Political And Celebrity Friends, Among Them, Sylvia Beach, Ingrid Bergman, Leonard Bernstein, Norman Bethune, Robert Capa, Charlie Chaplin, Chiang Kai Shek, Madame Chiang, Colette, Gary Cooper, John Dos Passos, Dorothy Parker, Maxwell Perkins, Eleanor And Franklin D Roosevelt, Antoine De Saint Exup Ry, Orson Welles, HG Wells The People Who Made History In Her Time And Beyond Yours, For Probably Always Is A Curated Collection Of Letters Between Gellhorn And The Extraordinary Personalities That Were Her Correspondents In The Most Interesting Time Of Her Life Through These Letters And The Author S Contextual Narrative, The Book Covers Gellhorn S Life And Work, Including Her Time Reporting For Harry Hopkins And America S Federal Emergency Relief Administration In The S, Her Newspaper And Magazine Reportage During The Spanish Civil War, World War II And The Vietnam War, And Her Relationships With Hemingway And General James M Gavin Late In The War, And Her Many Lovers And AffairsGellhorn S Fiction Of The Time Sold Well The Trouble I Ve Seen Her Depression Era Stories Based On The FERA Activities, With An Introduction By HG Wells A Stricken Field A Novel Inspired By The German Jewish Refugee Crisis And Set In Czechoslovakia The Heart Of Another Stories Edited By Maxwell Perkins And The Wine Of Astonishment Her Novel About The Liberation Of Dachau, Which She Reported For Collier SGellhorn S Life, Reportage, Fiction And Correspondence Reveal Her Passionate Advocacy Of Social Justice And Her Need To Tell The Stories Of The People Who Were The Sufferers Of History Renewed Interest In Her Life Makes This New Collection, Packed With Newly Discovered Letters And Pictures, Fascinating Reading

EPUB ✶ Yours, for Probably Always  Author Janet Somerville –
  • Hardcover
  • 528 pages
  • Yours, for Probably Always
  • Janet Somerville
  • 10 October 2017
  • 9780228101864

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  1. says:

    An interesting collection of Martha Gellhorn s correspondence, interspersed with biographical detail for context For the most part, this is a worthy selection of correspondence that provides greater insight into Gellhorn s life as seen through her own eyes and those of her correspondents This is a denser read than most compilations of personal letters, and that s a good thing This is partially due to the substance, tone, and beautiful writing that mark out Gellhorn s missives as different from much of the frippery we usually see in collected letters The fact that she had so many pen pals who were themselves impressive personages and compelling writers didn t hurt either As is often the case with correspondence collections, the volume of writing included between select parties is largely determined by what was available to the compiler This sometimes and is the case here provides quantities of letters with certain correspondents that don t seem to have the quality required to justify that In this book, there is a huge number of exchanges between Gellhorn and Eleanor Roosevelt While Roosevelt is of course a fascinating woman in her own right and certainly there is good information to be gleaned from letters between the two, their exchanges are mostly personal fondness and were clearly included in the book in such large volume because said large volume was readily available, rather than because they really needed to be there Conversely, while many of Martha s letters to Hemingway appear in the book, there is but one letter from Hemingway to Gellhorn included This is likely because of three things Gellhorn returning much of Hemingway s half of their correspondence to him upon their divorce in 1945, the fact that many of their letters were likely heavily censored because they were written during the war, and that Gellhorn zealously destroyed much of the correspondence between she and Hemingway shortly before her death None of this is the fault of the author of this book, who did well with what she had to work with Still, it s a good lesson in why compilations of correspondence often don t truly give the full picture of the subject s life In this case, the author did an admirable job of making up the difference with the biographical information interspersed with the letters throughout the text I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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