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Charming They Say What Doesn T Kill You Makes You Stronger, And That S Great As Long As You Don T Die. Sixteen Year Old Haley Tremaine Had It All Top Notch School, Fantastic Family, And A Bright Future, But All Of That Changed When An Accident Tore Her Family Apart Now, An Alcoholic Father, A Bitter Younger Sister, And A Cold Headstone Bearing Her Mother S Name Are All She Has Left.Chris Charming Has It All A Powerful CEO For A Father, A Prestigious School, And A Fortune At His Fingertips, But None Of That Matters When He Lands A Reputation As A Troublemaker Struggling To Follow In His Father S Footsteps, He Reaches Out To The One Person He Believes Truly Sees Him, The One Person He Wants Haley.Little Do They Know Someone S Determined To Bring The Two Together, Even If It Means Murder.

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    WOW WOW WOWI have gone through so many emotions with this book Perfect fall read I loved the cinderella and Saw movie re telling I can t wait to review this for my youtube account next week JUST AWESOME

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    For Full Teaser Review go to out of 5 StarsCharming is very original, well written, great characters, with only slight nods to Cinderella I would definitely recommend this book especially if you are looking for a youthful romantic horror retelling of Cinderella

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    In this young adult mash up of Cinderella and SAW, we start out getting a behind the scenes look at Haley Tremaine s life and not much of a life, if we re being honest The poor girl has lost her mother, and her father has become a raging alcoholic with a pension for abusing his eldest daughter Haley s younger sister is oblivious to their father s rage, and only because Haley so relentlessly tries to protect her from it Haley has learned to live life by going through the motions She s broken and hopeless.Her complete opposite, Chris Charming has everything Haley used to have His family took over the company Haley s mom used to run, and with it came wealth and popularity He attends the finest school, drives the fastest cars, and has the world at his fingertips But he doesn t care about material possessions all Chris wants is Haley Tremaine the girl who won t give him a chance It all sounds like the perfect young adult romance, and it almost could be But there s a killer on the loose, with revenge on his mind, catapulting Haley, Chris and their friends into a thrilling cat and mouse chase where their very lives are on the line.Krystal Wade does it again with this book You won t be disappointed

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    I won an e ARC of this book from a Krystal Wade Blog Giveaway.So what happens if you cross Cinderella with Saw You get a bloody brilliant book that will draw you in and not let go, not even to make your children s tea I ll be honest, reading the synopsis and seeing that it fell in the horror genre, I wasn t sure if I d like it I mean, come on, who wants to read about an alcoholic dad, a dead mum, an indifferent sister and physical abuse, especially when you re a wuss as I am It turns out I do, when it is written in this way The moment I realised that my stomach was clenching on behalf of Haley as she stood before her home, trying to find the strength to go through the door, I knew I was hooked Trust me, Haley has everything to whinge and whine about but surprisingly does neither She is destructing, but slowly and underneath everyone s radar or so she thinks A couple of people reach out to her her English teacher, the caretaker at the cemetery where she visits with her mum and surprisingly, Chris Charming The son of the man who now runs her mother s company The boy who has what she had The story between Haley and Chris runs through the book but doesn t overwhelm it.The other part of the story, the mystery horror of the book, I won t talk about much as I don t want to spoil it for anyone else Suffice it to say that I was twisted in knots trying to figure out who it was was it this person or that one It turns out I was right but Krystal Wade had me doubting everything I thought I knew Excellent The horror part wasn t too bad, yes there were parts to it that weren t nice to read violence, abuse, kidnap to name just three but there was nothing there that didn t contribute to the story that didn t help to set the scene or deepen your feelings for that particular character whether they are good or bad.The plot, storyline and pace were all fantastic I honestly can t think of anything that let this book down I can 100%, wholeheartedly recommend this to all fans of YA, Romance, Horror never thought I d recommend a horror book and of Krystal Wade herself Another hit for Miss Wade

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    There really is no other way to describe this but as a retelling of a Cinderally if she took some hallucinogens and ended up in Saw franchise No seriously Although the story is told of our Cinderella as a HS sopho there is a lot of adult content such has dealing with abuse If anythingn this story reflects much of the original Brothers Grimm story of Cinderella in the gore and messing with your head factor In the original story there is actual cutting trimming of feet to get into that slipper I m serious look it up That is REAL As for this story our Cinderella is Haley our poor girl in her teenage nativity takes on something that even as adults we have a hard time processing She takes on abuse from her alcoholic father in order to shield her younger sister to honor her dying mother s wish to shield her.As I kept reading it all I wanted to do was hug the poor Haley I mean honestly her life S U C K S.Her days spent wasting her youth years being the adult and a punching bag at home and visiting her dead mother at the grave If that is not enough on top of it all she has a stalker who took it upon himself the role of a Demented Fairy Godmother Punishing those who wronged her and giving her to Prince Charming.Aaah Prince Charming or shall we say Chris Charming A boy who was always meant to be in her life A life that was mean to happen if it weren t for the horrible accident that took her mother away and put her in this path of life destruction God, Haley You let your dad hit you for years, blindly protecting your sister You took shit from her to honor your mom I get it I do But are you fucking crazy I m not them I m not going to hurt you I m not going to walk away from you I actually care for you, Haley Fortunately, there is a rainbow at the end of this tragic story a determined girl with a gang of helpful, supporting cast to help but can they take on the darkness that surrounds her Well read on and get your answer.For a YA book there is a lot of blood and gore and violence that made my tummy ache And like a true sicko I loved every second of it The author did a fantastic job of retelling the old classic and making it her own In my age non teen age that is I find it hard relating to issues of HS drama but this story went so much A nice bloody horror story.I m glad I went outside my comfort zone for this.Follow This Review on KRIS VIK BOOK THERAPY CAFE Follow KRIS VIK BOOK THERAPY CAFE on Facebook Copy kindly provided by the Author for Kris Vik Book Therapy Cafe Book Blog Review

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    I have never read Krystal Wade before but after reading CHARMING I can tell you honestly, she is now on my author radar list I was emotionally invested from page one and couldn t stop reading until I knew what happened to Haley and her family I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster, laughing at the antics and conversations between Haley and her best friend, Christine.

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    Charming by Krystal Wade2 stars

    Haley Tremaine lost it all Her mother died in a car crash that was supposed to take Haley away from her abusive father and now she s stuck with him She s stuck with him and she has to protect her sister from the truth about who her father is an alcoholic abuser Enter Chris Charming, a boy who used to attend school with Haley and now is runner up for her mother s candle making company He has a reputation as a trouble maker and he won t leave Haley alone There s a serial killer on the loose and Haley s his next target This book has been marketed as Cinderella meets Saw I can kind of see that, but not really I mean the Cinderella aspect is there and prominent in certain scenes, but the Saw aspect not so much I could see it as Cinderella meets Criminal Minds I m sure at least one Criminal Minds episode is exact like this or at least close to it The beginning of Charming is really unsettling, especially for a novel targeted to young readers If this book didn t read so blandly and have a high school setting I could see this as a dark adult novel, but besides the constant abuse Haley endures at home nothing about this book is extremely dark I was completely disgusted with the abuse situation and while I can relate to Haley as a victim abuse I also can t.

    Whimsical Writing Scale 2

    The main female character is Haley I m on the outs about Haley I don t dislike her, but I don t like her either I feel like she was a strong character she s brave and tough for having to deal with her situation but she also downplays her situation something I can totally understand My problem with Haley is that her problem is portrayed very realistically, but Haley herself doesn t seem real I m just very unsure about my stance on her.

    Kick Butt Heroine Scale 2.5

    The main male character is Chris Chris is pretty insignificant I didn t get the romance with Haley and Chris There was no connection, tension, or any sign of this so called love that seemed to have blossomed in 7.2 seconds Chris wasn t interesting or charming, much to the implication of his last name I just wasn t buying it.

    Swoon Worthy Scale 1

    The Villain I wish I could say that I didn t see who the killer was, but it seemed kind of obvious to me from the beginning Since I ve recently become a huge Gillian Flynn fan I m constantly looking to be mind fucked with books of this nature, but I didn t find it When the villain was revealed it all just seemed rushed and ridiculous Kind of like how American Horror Story Freakshow which I would ve complained about until I saw the most recent episode which was freaking amazing and you should all join my obsession of AHS has been this season completely boring and then gruesome right out of left field.

    Villain Scale 1.5

    I did not like Haley s sister at all I think that as a member of Haley s household the abuse would ve been pretty obvious since all the signs of domestic violence were there I didn t like Haley s father either and he was a douchecanoe from day one Haley s friend was a decent character I didn t love her, but I liked that she was there for Haley and was a good friend Where did that random guy at the end come from What was that I kinda know you and I m friends with Chris so I ll drive you to go and find a serial killer Like what

    Character Scale 2

    Charming doesn t have a concrete plot and it seemed to be going nowhere at times and then there would be random plot points popping up and disappearing and then coming back It was off putting and while I think Charming good it also flows too fast The best way to describe this novel is fluff in a dark setting.

    Plotastic Scale 2.5Cover Thoughts I like the cover when I first saw it I was expecting the novel to be a dark erotica, but after reading Charming the setting of this cover makes a lot of sense Thank you, Netgalley and Curiosity Quills Press for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    This is a great modern twist on a fairy tale Characters are well rounded and explained well The main female character is strong and not whiney I had whiney chicks She overcomes the problems in her life in order to make it better for her and her sister I recommend this book to everyone

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    5 out of 5 StarsI loved this story, if was sad how poorly Haley is treated by her Father and Sister I really liked the friendships and romantic aspects of this book along with suspense and mild horror I thought when I started reading this book I would be able to figure everything out but I definitely couldn t I really liked the fact that it was a mystery and hard to predict I love that it isn t just your typical retelling of Cinderella done in horror retelling.Charming is very original, well written, great characters, with only slight nods to Cinderella I love the heart pounding suspense I am a huge fan of Stephen Kings dramatic writing like Misery and Dolores Claiborne and the great way that Krystal Wade writes this story reminds me of some of his great works but with a feminine youthful flair I would definitely recommend this book especially if you are looking for a youthful romantic horror retelling of Cinderella An advance copy was provided by the author for review.Full Review to come

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    The plot and twists and suspense in this book made this book really interesting But as I read it, the storyline also kind of seemed a bit scattered It wasn t a bad book though a three star for me.

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