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[Reading] ➮ A Pocket Guide to Combining Typefaces ➶ Tim Brown –

A Pocket Guide to Combining Typefaces Combining Typefaces Is Challenging And Fun, But It Takes Practice Successful Combinations Are Partly A Matter Of Good Taste, Which Can Be Tough To Develop And Finding Typefaces That Work Well Together Often Takes Time Than We Or Our Managers, Or Our Spouses Think It Should.This Pocket Guide Will Give You A Framework For Efficient Practice, Lead You To Founts Of Knowledge And Help You Judge The Work You See, Including Your Own Work It Will Encourage You To Be Selective, Patient And Reasonable, Focusing On Web Contexts And Your Design Goals.

    10 thoughts on “[Reading] ➮ A Pocket Guide to Combining Typefaces ➶ Tim Brown –

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    The short format it s the main advantage of this book I would recommend it to someone who has some time at his disposal and can really pay attention and doesn t mind to go in rabbit holes the guide has a lot of useful links

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    Nice and short A lot of useful links and typeface combination examples.

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    Quick read and intro to combining typefaceseverything the title implies.

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    Short and sweet, this Perhaps a little too short, at least for a tyro like me The prose is clear, the illustrations adequate, but in some ways the presentation was a little crippled by the eBook format, as I would have liked to be able to see detail in some of the images It would also have been good to see examples of good and bad typesetting, and suggestions as to why they might or might not work.As it stands, however, the book contains...

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    A great little pocket guide.Don t expect to finish reading this and immediately know how to combine typefaces, it merely serves as a brief guide and people new to typography might even be left a little overwhelmed However, Tim references plenty of great external resources to help you expand on the various methods covered.Defini...

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    The book delivers it s promise A pocket guide to combining typefaces It just scratches the surface of type combination, but that s what pocket guides are supposed to do.If you have a spare hour at the train or on a...

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    Another great book from the pocket guide series I think they just keep getting better As with many other books in this series, this one gets you oriented to the topic, gives you a little theory, a little practical knowle...

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    I was hoping for from this Chapter 4, the part on actually combining typefaces, really could have used some additional explanation and examples Some of the images seemed weirdly cropped or too low res, I m not sure if that s just the Kindle version, the ipad kindle app, or what.

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    Nice handbook which I plan to consult whenever I ll have a hard time deciding on typfaces for a project at hand.

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