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[EPUB] ✽ Stoner ❂ John Williams –

StonerWilliam Stoner, Hijo Nico De Un Matrimonio De Granjeros Que Sobrevive En La Penuria, Es Enviado A Estudiar Agricultura A La Universidad De Missouri El Objetivo De Su Padre Es Sencillo Que El Chico Aprenda T Cnicas Nuevas Y Que, A La Vuelta, Se Haga Cargo De La Granja Pero En Esas Clases Donde Se Sabe Un Intruso Descubre La Literatura, Y De Qu Manera Puede Cambiar Su Vida A Partir De Ah , Su Fracaso Matrimonial, Su No Del Todo Feliz Peripecia Profesional, Su Fidelidad A La Instituci N, Su B Squeda Constante De Una Esquiva Paz Interior Pero, Sobre Todo, Una Manera De Hablar, De Contar, Que Han Merecido El Elogio Un Nime De La Cr Tica.

[EPUB] ✽ Stoner ❂ John  Williams –
  • Paperback
  • 242 pages
  • Stoner
  • John Williams
  • Spanish
  • 06 September 2019
  • 9788415700616

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    In his extreme youth Stoner had thought of love as an absolute state of being to which, if one were lucky, one might find access in his maturity he had decided it was the heaven of a false religion, toward which one ought to gaze with an amused disbelief, a gently familiar contempt, and an embarrassed nostalgia Now in his middle age he began to know that it was neither a state of grace nor an illusion he saw it as a human act of becoming, a condition that was invented and modified moment by moment and day by day, by the will and the intelligence and the heart William Stoner grew up on a farm, a hardscrabble farm too small to provide than just subsistence living They were an undersized family for that time period, just his father and mother and himself It took all of them to keep up with the backbreaking work of a farm in the early 20th century His father, in his own way, a visionary man could see that farming was on the cusp of great changes He sent Stoner to the University of Missouri to find out what the future was going to be for agriculture Stoner wasn t an inspired student He still had to work on a relative s farm to pay for his tuition and found the work he did the less help he got from his relatives He still had to go back to the family farm and help his father whenever he had spare time He was almost too busy to worry too much about schoolThe first pivotal moment for Stoner is when he is sitting in an English class t...

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    Spoiler alert read at your own peril.UPDATE December 2010 I just submitted this to Better Book Titles I hope they accept it.Original Review October 2009 This is the most straight forward linear narrative type of novel I ve read in the past year So at first, I was not impressed But I soon realized that the novel is impressive precisely because it is able to be so damn linear, the writing style so damn plain, and the characters so damn dull and yet and yet it manages to make me continue reading on, driven by what I don t know There is a constant melancholy through the book, but also its points of light.So that was the first 100 pages or so Then it gets good I mean, really good But I don t know why Nothing that much changes, it is just events in the life of this guy But I start to really care about him, or really understand him or something Let me just put it out there this is a depressing novel It is a devastating novel It made me cry But it is not one where horrible thing after horrible thing happens to good people Many of the things that happen are yes, horrible, but also very normal they are like small dissappointments.John Williams is able to kill you softly with his immovable patience, his prose which is like the most patient thing in ...

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    I read Stoner after I saw that almost all my friends on GR had read it It s an impressive work which I finished months ago but hard a hard time figuring out what to say about it with thousands of reviews already out there Stoner is the life story of an unremarkable man and the consensus seems to be he did his best He came from a Missouri farm family and a poor background but manages to become an English professor at the university One theme is the loneliness and distant courtesy of many of the characters, which I think applies to Stoner himself This may be a trait of many academic folks who have some kind of social disability and turn to books as a substitute for social interaction He s awkward around women but finally marries Then we get I think, the most tragic lines in the book Within a month he knew that his marriage was a failure within a year he stopped hoping that it would improve His wife is constantly exhausted and at the edge of hysteria After they have a child a girl his wife seems so uninterested in the child that Stoner becomes mother and father His wife deliberately takes away any pleasures he has, such as converting his den to her art studio so t...

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    After 63 pages Stunned by Stoner This is agonisingly wonderful At the end Finished Him and me Exquisite but exhausted Then I immediately started rereading something I have only previously done with children s picture books It is, without question, my joint favourite book ever The other, utterly different ones are Titus Groan Gormenghast which I reviewed HERE and the Heaven and Hell trio which I reviewed HERE But it s hard to explain its mesmerising power in a way that does it justice What Sort of Story It opens with a page of downbeat, but carefully crafted spoilers, rather like an obituary, after which, the story is told straightforwardly and chronologically, from William Stoner s last days at school and on his parents farm, to life as a university student, then university faculty member, marriage, parenthood, affair, and finally his death His main joy is literature, and the university that enables him to share that love with others, reflected in simple but heartfelt words on his retirement, Thank you all for letting me teach It sounds dull, banal or both, but it s not It s heartbreakingly beautiful, without being sentimental, and bec...

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    THIS WAS MY BEST BOOK OF 2016 It was a hard decision it was a choice between this and The Vegetarian by Hang Kang But I had to think which book taught be the most, and which book helped me the most I enjoyed them both immensely, I loved them, but this one set me on my path in life thus, I will always be grateful for John Williams and his Stoner He opened the book and as he did so it became not his own He let his fingers rifle through the pages and felt a tingling, as if those pages were alive The tingling came through his fingers and coursed through his flesh and bone he was minutely aware of it, and he waited till it contained him, until the old excitement that was like horror fixed him where he lay William Stoner has a terrible life his marriage is a disaster his daughter resembles her damaged mother his teaching career is hindered by an argument with a fellow faculty member, and he is subjected to continual waves of misery All in all, it s a sad life it s his life However, through all the shit times, and the occasional glimpses of happiness, one thing keeps him animated it s a thing every reader knows a love of words, a love of books and a love of the wonderment of literature I will never forget the journey I shared with Stoner in these pages He is a flawed man When he was a student he had no real ambition or drive He didn t know what he ...

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    For the hardworking men and women living in the open, windswept farm country of the American Midwest during the late 19th and early 20th century, day to day existence was frequently harsh an occasionally downright hostile, a stark, demanding life chiseling character as can be seen above in artist Grant Wood s American Gothic If you take a good look at this painting and then envision a son, an only child, working the fields alongside his father, you will have a clear image of the starting point of Stoner, John Williams classic novel of quiet perfection.The novel follows the life of William Stoner from his boyhood on a Missouri farm though his years as a faculty member of the English Department at the University of Missouri William Stoner is a good man, a man of integrity, a man, as we eventually find out through his relationship with a fellow faculty member, Katherine Driscoll, capable of profound intimacy and tenderness of heart William Stoner is also a lover of literature, an accomplished scholar and a dedicated teacher.But all is not well in the life of Professor Stoner, particularly in his home life As a beginning instructor right out of graduate school, he marries a woman barely twenty years of age from St Louis, the daughter of...

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    UN DIFETTO DI LUCE Shakespeare le parla attraverso tre secoli di storia, Mr Stoner Riesce a sentirlo Cosa le sta dicendo, Mr Stoner Cosa significa questo sonetto Stoner alz lo sguardo con lentezza, riluttante Significa , disse Significa , ripet , e non riusc a terminare la frase.William Stoner era all universit per studiare agraria e tornare in campagna ad aiutare suo padre nei campi e, magari, grazie allo studio, riuscire a far rendere meglio la terra avara Un sonetto di Shakespeare lo folgora, come san Paolo sulla via di Damasco Un autentica epifania Ed l inizio di una vita nuova basta con l agricoltura, la letteratura e la lingua diventano la passione che lo accompagna fino alla fine.Norman RockwellIn realt , di Stoner occorre dire qualcos altro, di ben diverso Ma questa parte, all inizio del libro, ho dovuto sottolinearla, perch io di fronte a questo libro sono rimasto letteralmente folgorato, senza parole, con tante lacrime, ma nessuna parola e solo una emersa dalla nebbia umida, significa , appunto, proprio questa Che per me vuol dire, bello, bellissimo, questo libro magnifico.Yann KebbiChi William Stoner Un uomo senza qualit , viene da pensare, un mediocre Eppure, pieno di qualit un uomo gentile, che conosce la Bellezza ha un tenero rapporto con sua figlia, conosce l a pi appassionato ma esiste una storia d a pi avvincente nella storia della letteratura non prova odio, n risentimento, n violenza nutre una passione sempiterna per la letteratura e la lingua ingles...

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    I was going to start out this review of Stoner by feigning comic incredulity that the former conductor of the Boston Pops wrote a novel about potheads, but that is far, far too obvious and unsatisfying even for the likes of me Instead, I am going to confess that I read only half of it and, thereby, my ignorance has been properly disclaimed but that this aborted reading filled me with such unmitigated contempt for the author that I plan on mounting every soapbox if soapboxes haven t been technologically obviated by now from here to the Great Barrier Reef condemning this plodding, tiresome, amateurish book with an antagonistic passion that literature hasn t evoked in me since Cambridge s A Concise History of France wherein concision meant excising significant historical events in favor of agricultural data and a dimly Marxist perspective, but I digress as always.I shouldn t blame John Williams for my rising blood pressure because in fact YOU are to blame Yes, you Perhaps not individually, but in the general sense of Goodreads voters and reviewers, of which you are ...

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    Those who can, do Those who can t, teach.What to do when everything goes wrong Work, marriage, parenthood, eventually health Plenty of benevolent advices and platitudes will whizz around your ears, to help you to bounce back Remember, it is all in your mind Happiness is the result of your approach to life, not of what happens to you Revolt, anger, complaining or denial won t change anything Focus on what is instead of on what should be Accept, accept, accept Take one step at time, keep moving, keep working to what you want in life.In our times of voluntarist belief in shaping our own destiny, only fools refuse or refrain to act or at least to try to take control of their own life.But perhaps the only sensible thing to do is keep breathing Minimal action, minimal reaction Just embrace plain and simple old fashioned and untimely Stoicism Like Stoner Wisdom lies in tuning our lives to the divine order of the universe and to want what actually is the case As emotions have an external source, as we are being moved, touched, affected, impassioned, be the Master of Yourself and control your emotions D...

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