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BOOKS ⚣ The Evolution of Mara Dyer Author Michelle Hodkin –

The Evolution of Mara DyerMara Dyer Knows She Isn T Crazy She Knows That She Can Kill With Her Mind, And That Noah Can Heal With His Mara Also Knows That Somehow, Jude Is Not A Hallucination He Is Alive Unfortunately, Convincing Her Family And Doctors That She S Not Unstable And Doesn T Need To Be Hospitalised Isn T Easy The Only Person Who Actually Believes Her Is Noah But Being With Noah Is Dangerous And Mara Is In Constant Fear That She Might Hurt Him She Needs To Learn How To Control Her Power, And Fast Together, Mara And Noah Must Try And Figure Out Exactly How Jude Survived When The Asylum Collapsed, And How He Knows So Much About Her Strange Abilitybefore Anyone Else Ends Up Dead

BOOKS ⚣ The Evolution of Mara Dyer Author Michelle Hodkin –
  • Paperback
  • 527 pages
  • The Evolution of Mara Dyer
  • Michelle Hodkin
  • English
  • 10 May 2017
  • 9780857073655

    10 thoughts on “BOOKS ⚣ The Evolution of Mara Dyer Author Michelle Hodkin –

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    ALL THE STARS RIGHT HERE.Can we all just slow clap for this


    My thoughts have yet to make sense So for now, all you have to know is that Evolution is a fantastic book that will most likely be the source of my nightmares and paranoia for the next few days.GO PRE ORDER NOW I just ordered mine updated FULL review I wasn t sure how it could be possible, but The Evolution of Mara Dyer was even intese and twisted than The Unbecoming.Before reading Huh, my book is signed with, Who will you believe Interesting Well I guess I ll go with Michelle Hodkin After reading NO ONE I BELIEVE NO ONE EXCEPT NOAH SHAW I WILL BELIEVE EVERYTHING HE SAYS.The Evolution goes into Mara s family history as well as Noah s I would think that I would be able to make some theories from that, but nope Fret not people, even though new information was tossed in, there were a lot of questions answered from The Unbecoming I never looked at anything the same through out this book One moment I would feel like I was finally putting the story together, but then I would turn the page and all of my theories would get burned.There were so many what just happened moments At first I would try to make some sense out of it, but after a while I just rolled with it Kind of I started categorizing my reactions to those moments into the my life after finishing list, and this was what I got.My Life After Finishing The Evolution of Mara Dyer Day 1 Maybe I ll just leave my lamp on tonight.Day 2 I ll just turn ALL the lights on in my house.Day 3 Maybe I should just not clear the fog from my mirror after taking a shower.Day 4 SUPER PARANOID NOBODY TOUCH ME Day 5 Has brother stand next to me while I brush my teeth.One of the many things I loved about this book was Mara Dyer and Noah Shaw They just work It is how it is They will forever be one of my favorite couples.I loved every moment of The Evolution of Mara Dyer Even though Mara Dyer is the reason I can t look into the mirror after I take a shower, I will read anything by Michelle Hodkin.

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    Tell me what you see Because I don t know what s real and what isn t or what s new or different and I can t trust myself, but I trust you I am confused And scared terrified I am angry I am freaked out I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with this series And it hurts You will love him to ruins When a book starts with this line, you know that things are going to get ugly In The Evolution of Mara Dyer Mara s family is seriously concerned about her mental state and decides that severe treatment is the only way to get their daughter back The thing is, Mara is not crazy but pretends to acknowledge that she is crazy in order to stay out of mental institutions, but she s afraid that she will lose her sanity if she doesn t get answers Answers about her powers, the ghost from her past that seems to h a unt, her grandmother, some identical pendants and a creepy doll The only person who really knows what s happening to her is Noah, but Noah has problems of his own and secrets he can t share And their love alone is not enough I was falling apart, and all my pieces were scattering to the wind Helplessness, despair, anger, frustration,y ou are trapped in a whirlwind of emotions that make you grasp for breath, something that never comes You want to claw your brain to erase the throbbing, to press your nails in your hands until they bleed, to untie that knot in your stomach That s what The Evolution of Mara Dyer did to me It was creepy, so creepy that I couldn t sleep without the lights on, that the concept of the monsters that lurk in the dark seemed somehow real Michelle Hodkin found her way into my brain and into my heart, and I am scared of what she ll do with that power And that ending left me in the verge of hysteria This was the boy I loved A little bit messy A little bit ruined A beautiful disaster Just like me Noah Elliot Simon Shaw, you are one of the loves of my life This arrogant, dedicated and broken boy was the only source of light in Mara s life, his love the only stable thing in a world that was falling apart He and Mara had their issues, but together they were strong, they made me strong, strong enough to withstand the forceful attack against my sanity this book launched I can t slay the dragon because I can t find him, so for now I stay close.It s not enough A beautifully disturbing book, The Evolution of Mara Dyer led to shocking events and revelations that made me want to read the final book even desperately than before I pray Michelle will be merciful.

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    Could it be any better This was amazing I m still in a shock Well, you cannot know what is the truth because Mara doesn t This is my favourite element of this series, Mara tells the story, however, she is not a really reliable source.I fell in love with Noah even , not sure how s that even possible And, the end of the book What the hell and now I m supposed to wait for the next one so long Poor me.I have been years since I ve read this book, but I can still remember the chills it gave me It was simply fabulous, the dread which hit me the moment I tried to turn the page and it was just blank Wow, speechless view spoiler I just realised, If Jude has to kill someone to stay alive, who was it the first time Rachel or Claire I would really like to know the answer to this Maybe I only missed it hide spoiler

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    I should probably write a real review for this Maybe I will, when my head isn t reeling.The Evolution is everything that The Unbecoming was and Romantic, perfectly paced, repeatedly punching you in the gut I actually had to take a bunch of breaks and purge to someone during the last 100 pages because everything was becoming so intense and scary and twisted It s 10 times worse than The Unbecoming, and it s awesome.It also raised my standards for gore and fear If I had to pick two words to describe this book, I d say Hot And freaky.Really, I would recommend this series to anyone who likes the intensity It s not for the easily scared or the faint of heart The webs of the plot just keep getting deeper and tying together in new ways, and the romance keeps evolving I always loved the way Hodkin creates scenes that are so, so sexy, without ever being too innocent and YA like, and without ever veering into dirty, now I have to go shower territory Mara and Noah are as spirited as ever, and I loved Mara s family, as usual the mother is exempt A word of warning The cliffhanger is even worse than The Unbecoming I m almost sorry I read this early Almost But what did I expect, when The Evolution was so much intense, so much scarier, so much sick and beautiful and gut wrenching Thanks to Simon and Schuster for the ARC.

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    Ideally, this book will include NoahMaraNoah with Mara I 3 Noah Shaw Love him More creepy hallucinationsNoah breaking Jude s faceA full collection of perverse childrens books, penned by NoahSOME ANSWERS, PLEASE after reading book So remember in Mara s psyche file it says Sarin, orig carrier contraindication suspected, unknown midazolam administeredSo, it s creepy that Sarin, her mother s maiden name is mentioned But the creepier part I googled Midazolam, and it said this Midazolam is given to children before medical procedures or before anesthesia for surgery to cause drowsiness, relieve anxiety, and prevent any memory of the event Mara s drugs could make her loose her memory of certain events.Lost time, anyone Pyscho therapist Dr Kells repressing certain memories, perhaps Look who s not as crazy as we thought she was.So, view spoiler at the end the crazy Dr Kells tells Mara, Noah s Dead Well, I was like bullshit Bullshit crazy psycho lady One Simply DOES NOT kill off Noah Shaw.But then a nasty little voice in my head was like, Maybe he is dead So I ve come up with a possible story line that could make this true and not rip out my still beating heart.Noah s Dead.BUTJude wants Mara to bring Claire back to life.SOIntead of bringing Claire back to life,SHE BRINGS BACK NOAH.My inner fangirl is appeased hide spoiler

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    I just finished the book and I m totally freaking out and silently screaming obscene phrases at the air because man, that twist, that ending or the lack of it , as picked up from the book, is batshit crazy I m not sure if I should applaud it or curse it I m not sure whether to be impressed or upset by the revelations and I guess that s when you can say a book is really good when it totally messes up with your head Up to now, my heartbeat hasn t returned to normal It hasn t since I started reading the book, I mean devouring it took me only two afternoons to finish it.In the first book, Mara Dyer is the hero anti hero who blames herself for the death of her best friend She starts seeing, hearing and feeling weird things which her family and doctors dismiss as simply symptoms of PTSD In the second book, her symptoms seem to aggravate and require extreme psychological medical intervention But the huge question is, is she really just seeing things or could they be products of a paranormal phenomenon or is it entirely something else Tag along with Noah my love and Mara as they uncover these mysteries about themselves and .Still told in the extremely unreliable voice of Mara, the story is an equally riveting read as its predecessor laced with mystery, humor, sarcasm, romance and most of all, absolute creepiness which explains why my heart won t stay in its rightful place the entire time I was reading I won t say because I m going to dive into the third book because I need to know what happens and I really have to prove my existing theories true I m seriously hoping I m right because if not, the third book shall incur my wrath Third book, I m definitely ready

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    Pre review I m at page 255 and I want to list out a few things I wish Michelle Hodkin would write in the remaining part of The Evolution of Mara Dyer 1 Mara is in fact crazy 2 Jude, Mara s ex boyfriend and would be rapist, is in fact dead 3 Whenever Mara thinks she s seeing Jude, it s only her seeing her imaginary stalker 4 Every single spooky event that has taken place in the book is either Mara s own handiwork or they taken place only in her head 5 Mara goes all psycho bitch and kills Noah, her boyfriend 6 Mara goes all psycho bitch and kills her family members.If any of these things really take place, it would definitely make my day NOTE I did a buddy read with Alice when reading this book.Rating it s a I can t give a flying fuck to a book which keeps refusing to make sense negative stars.Since there s no such thing as negative stars in the GR rating system, I had to make do with one star.Supposedly I should feel sorry for Mara Dyer, because our Super Special Lovely Snowflake Heroine is being wrongly accused of being insane But for the life in me, how can I feel sorry for her when she keeps acting like a psycho bitch and talking down at almost every single mental patient in the story As to Mara s love interest Noahwell he is in fact better in this second book, but I still hate his cocky guts and the way he seems to think he can buy everything and everyone with his big wallet I know, Noah is from a super rich family and he clearly has money to burn, but still.Michelle Hodkin s writing is in fact slightly better than the first book as well sadly the writing still isn t good enough to cover up for the massive, larger than life flaws which plagued the entire book, namely 1 The cheesy, going nowhere romance between Noah and Mara Although I m glad that there s no love triangle in the book, but I still can t see what s so deep and meaningful about two teenagers going on about Oh you re so beautiful, I want to kiss you, but NO I can t kiss you because it ll kill you I want to sex you up behind your parents back but NO We can t do it It s not right Give me a break 2 The mind numbing boredom There s no revelation, no plot twists, no development, until the very end 3 The so bad it s bad attempts at create tension and suspense I felt like I was watching a poorly made horror movie whenever Miss Hodkin tries to scare her readers with her spooky scenes 4 Author being greedy and doesn t know where to stop This time, we have Jude haunting Mara, we have Mara trying to pretend she s normal, we have the drama about the fortuneteller s foretelling Noah s death, we have this mysterious, never explained Abel Lukumi character hopping in and out at random, we have Noah s family being somehow connected to Mara s grandmother and we also have Mara s late grandmother and the spooky events took place years ago back in India and Mara having random flashbacks about it Last but not least, we also have view spoiler some evil doctors running shady experiments on Mara, Noah and the rest of the teenage patients in the program hide spoiler

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    This book was BANANAS

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    I think my brain melted Like, actually, that is my brain, on the floor, in a puddle of what even JUST IN CASE YOU WERE CURIOUS AS TO MY REACTION TO THIS BOOK Okaydeeeep breaths I did love it, but I had several WHAT EVEN THE HECK moments that confused me too much Also this book is too huge Way too huge It dribbles on so much in the middle it was actually irritating Which is a shame because book 1 was perfection I have yet to meet a YA book that s over 500 words which I feel needed all those words BUT ANYWAY A quick list of my complaints and then onto my fangirling Mara s parents let Noah stay overa lot And they, believe shenanigans won t go down BAH AHAHA What idiot parents _ Also while I ship Noah and Mara like nothing else because they are cute and needful their romance almost felt too old Like I felt they were in their 20s, not 17 at times It s not graphically or sexual or anything, don t get me wrong but it doesn t feel like a TEEN romance Jamie s potential is STILL wasted, dangit There is a huge AFJDKSLAFDJ WUT WUT NO NO moment at the end, but because the book is like 95% is this real or not real I didn t get thumped by the plot twist I don t know if it s real So I m not even concerned So either a the book is to blame, or b I m a cold hearted monster Hmm Let s go with a It was too freaking long TOO FREAKING LONG, I SAY..Okay, but you know what I still absolutely totally astronomically loved it There s something about the writing It s so dreamy and dark and nightmarish And the writing weaves in the supernatural with the contemporary SO PERFECTLY.Plus I m a big fan of unreliable narrators If you think Mara was unhinged in book 1.hahahaha, oh darling SHE GETS WORSE She loses memory Loses time Sleep walks Is noted giving deranged laughs after bad stuff goes down And she s falling apart and she knows it. It was like a spiral downwards and I couldn t look away Also it was SO SO SAD because she s experiencing all this evil stuff and no one believes her and is diagnosing her a schizophrenic which, come to think on it, makes me wonder about my stance on this Like is this what it s LIKE to develop schizophrenia Is the book saying schizophrenics are really just seeing another world and aren t crazy I mI m unsure how to feel about the niggly details, tbh It didn t spoil the story for me, personally, but I wonder if the book would be offensive to someone actually suffering with schizophrenia or knowing someone who is Things to ponderOKAY and even though the ending plot twist didn t stab meI STILL AM FREAKING UNPLEASED OKAY Take it back Take it back right now and make things okay. Omgggggg I need book 3 immediately and my library doesn t have it so I m going to have to sit here in PAIN INDEFINITE PAIN There were plenty of hospitals, asylums, creepy dolls, and witty banter thank goodness for the banter I confess to being partially in love with the insufferably smart and gorgeous Noah and just rooting for Mara to figure out the mystery behind all of this and I love the emphasis on family and how much horror y that is a word this book is I LOVE IT AND I WANT MORE.

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