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➶ Kings & Queens (Kings & Queens, #1) Download ✤ Author Courtney Vail –

Kings & Queens (Kings & Queens, #1) When Seventeen Year Old Majesty Alistair Can T Budge Police In Her Sleepy, Rich Town After Overhearing Two Fellow Students Planning A Church Shooting, She Sets Out To ID The Faceless Nutjobs Herself Before They Act But, Their Agenda Turns Out To Be Far Bigger Than She Ever Assumed, And She Becomes The Centerpiece In A Ruthless Game That Casts Even Her Closest Friends Under Suspicion

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    This book was something else I ll start with the outside and work my way in so I can form the right words for what I want to say about Kings Queens The cover is gorgeous I love the colors, I love the slight grunge feel to it with the text and brushes The lips and everything about the cover sums up what you ll get to look forward to in the book Confused You should be.I think the best way for me to describe the book is quirky Beautifully unique would be another term I d use I just. I love this book, and I don t know how to review this book without giving away too much Reading the book through will keep you frustratingly frazzled most of the time, and you will think you re confused than you really are Once I was done with the story, I sat it down and just thought about it for a few moments To my absolute amazement, I understood everything that went on in the book in almost perfect detail Brilliant Each character, especially Majesty, was like a 20 Layer Cake There was so much dimension and character development that it was almost too much to take almost The book was both character driven and plot driven, which promises to be an exciting ride for every type of YA reader Add to this Courtney s incredible writing style and you have a story that you want to devour in one sitting.

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    I thought this book was AMAZING, the plot had me hooked and would not let me go until the very end and even when I had finished I just could not stop thinking about it Majesty Alistair is just an average teenage girl with a normal life until she over hears some of her fellow students planning a church massacre Unable to go to the police, majesty feels she only has one choice to discover herself who she overheard and to stop the massacre before it happens Little by little majesty discovers that everything is much complex than just a church shooting, and she finds herself pulled into a deadly game where even her closest friends are suspect.I loved how every single character was complex and multi layered as this is something I find lacking in most books I read Majesty is probably one of the best female characters I have had the pleasure of reading about She is gutsy, smart and brave, and is far less idiotic than most female heroines though she still has her moments The plot was confusing but thrilling and kept me guessing throughout As soon as you think you understand what is going on a new piece of information is revealed which rips apart all you thought you knew Like the rest of the book the romance isn t simple either, forget love triangles, this is like a love pentagon.The ending was absolutely amazing though I will admit that I yelled out NOOO at one particular moment I thought it was amazing how the author makes you feel for each and every character, even the bad ones This book has everything suspense, action, romance, and some moments might even make you cry.I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a book that isn t just a simple, easy and boring read However don t read this book after having a manicure as the suspense will have you biting your nails off I am eagerly looking forwards to reading books by Courtney Vail, especially Sapphire Reign, the sequel to Kings and Queens that is set 10 years later This book was provided to me by the publisher for review In no way has this affected my review

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    Originally Reviewed at Mother Gamer WriterRating 2 out of 5 ControllersReview Source Blog TourReviewer AimeeKayI m not happy with this book I expected , especially seeing its banners everywhere lately and people gushing over the cover, I expected a lot I will say I was kind of hesitant about the whole love triangle part of the story, but as it turned out that was the least of my worries First I really had issues with the main character She just did such dumb, and I mean dumb, things that I found it annoying I understand she isn t going to go to the cops with every little detail I mean if you let the cops handle things then where would the story be right Tons of horror flicks prove this theory But she just purposely seemed to be putting herself into harm s way She s always running off by herself, she refuses to carry a cell phone, she sees her best friend doing things that scream he is in league with the shooters, but she still trusts him Second the story itself drove me crazy I will say that the end of the story cleared up a lot of the characters split personality issues that had me scratching my head throughout most of the book But it didn t clear up why certain facts about certain characters were revealed seemingly out of sequence For example, one of the main characters kept having a complaint about their eye bothering them, but it wasn t revealed until later that his problem with his eye was a reoccurring issue which plagued him for quite a while and seemed to only happen when he was upset Yes it made sense once it was explained why it happened, but it made no sense to just pop it in there that his eye was hurting, and then finally say a few chapters later that it happened with regular frequency Also there were certain lines that just popped up out of nowhere that made no sense or felt that they were just thrown in to make of a mystery, when in fact there was already enough mystery to carry the story through until the end Third the summary goes into great detail that Maj feels she can t go to the police right away because she has already caused a hubbub with the belief that her father was murdered But that is barely even mentioned until midway through, and then it seems like she made less of a big deal than the summary implied Over all the concept of the story itself I think would have made a great read But the way it was presented just failed to draw me in and hold my attention I found myself forcing my eyes to finish reading the book just to see if it would make sense at the end and to see if it would get any better I m glad the end seemed to tie up all the loose strings, but I was so agitated by the end that I don t think it really matters I m giving the book 2 controllers out of 5 I was really disappointed with it considering the hype I ve seen about it lately and I wish I could have enjoyed it , but I m sorry I just didn t.

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    I have to say that I loved this book The prologue is really kind of allegorical in nature, and as you progress through the book, you begin to understand what Courtney Vail was depicting After reading the ending, you can appreciate the prologue and its meaning even I even went back and read the prologue again, and I have to say that I gained a whole new appreciation for Courtney Vail s writing style The story centers around Majesty Alistair, and her two best friends Derek and Alec, both of whom she loves dearly She thinks she is in love with one, but finds she is really in love with the other Events transpire that will leave your imagination and emotions reeling You experience an array of emotions including heartache, betrayal, passion, love, and fear I found myself not only trying to figure out who did what, but also desperate to see what the next page held in store The supporting characters in the book were both interesting and mysterious There is romance, hot guys, some kick butt action, and Majesty is a pretty tough cookie herself To me, this book was not a light read, but one that you want to focus upon to truly comprehend and appreciate the depth of all that takes place, which I found very enjoyable I felt like I was reading a movie, one that was comprised of murder, mystery, espionage, romance, and drama all combined Overall, I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it.

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    I m quite disappointed in this book A pity, but that s what happens when you judge a book by its cover, I suppose.In my humble opinion, it s written like a mediocre fan fiction The dialog sounds forced between characters, characters who I immediately didn t relate to One of the reviewers commented on the use of language, saying that it s how teenagers talk I m only a year out of my teens, no one s speech habits or word choices have irritated me as greatly as these characters did.Plot wise, I feel as though the book was muddled Random comments popped out of nowhere to aid I m not sure if this was supposed to be plot twists or if it was just a quick fix to a plot line that she had just remembered, but regardless, the book was left with an overall vibe of confusion Admittedly, that did get better as time moved on.But if you can t grab your reader s attention from the very start, how can you expect them to continue On the positive side, the cover is gorgeous I would have definitely picked this up if I saw it on a bookshelf The lipstick hints at the YA genre the red makes it look a bit dark I liked that a lot I just wish the pages inside matched Thank you to Shut Up Read for the free copy to review

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    That s the They ll learn how dead and buried their Jesus is whendoesn t helpstart shooting up the church Haven thow many I wanna off yet Needs to be sicknational coverage When Majesty leaned forward to try and see who was talking, a twig snapped under her feet She knew they knew she was there so she took off running They recognized the Colts shirt from the school baseball team That meant they were part of the school She knew no one would believe her if she told what she heard, so she recruited Alec to help her find them herself The she tried to eliminate people from the suspect pool, the suspicious everyone seemed.She even began to suspect her friends She was hot for Derek, but jealous of Alec with anyone else Does she have a clue to what she really wants The premise of the story was good, the writing, not so much Sometimes less is It dragged for me until I was about a third of the way through, then it really took off Either the writing improved or the book became so intense I overlooked it Kept drawing me in deeper and deeper, twisting and turning Even though it starts out hard to read, you must keep on reading It is well worth it.Kings QueensCourtney Vail

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    It took me a lot longer to read this book than it usually takes me I had a really hard time getting into it it just felt too jumpy to me and that made it really hard for me to focus Overall, though, I found that I did enjoy it by the time I got to the end While it takes some time to get used to the writing style and pacing, the story moves very quickly There were periods when I felt too much detail was being given in a short amount of time, and that made it feel a bit cramped and sloppy, but the story quickly picked up again The characters were all well fleshed out and, like Maj, you never do know who to trust while you re reading.The suspense was built well and the twists and turns kept the story from being predictable There were a few errors scattered throughout and some of the choppiness could be smoothed out a bit with an editor, and I found parts of the end wrapped up too neatly This is why I had to lower my rating to three stars from four If you like furiously paced stories that keep you guessing and build tension very creatively, you will love this book The entire thing felt like a crazy ride at an amusement park spinning you around, flipping up upside down, over and over, until you can t tell which way is up, then finally coming to a screeching halt, leaving you a bit rattled and not realizing until the ride s over and you had a moment to catch your breath that you loved it.Thank you to Shut Up and Read for the opportunity to review this book.

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    WOW, I started out not wanting to finish this and ended up not being able to put it down Great story, very twisted, and I had no clue who the culprit s were, until it was revealed.

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    This book was not what I expected To be honest it wasn t even close to what I expected it was going to be However I ended up really enjoying it and to honestly I didn t want to put it down because I wanted to know what was going to happen next Every time I thought that the next page would allow me to put this book down and come back to it, things would pick right back up and I would be hooked again The first few chapters were a little hard for me because I wasn t quite sure where it was going or what was really going on but to be honest you stop caring and just want to know what will happen next Only later on do you start wondering what is truly going on and exactly what is causing it and by then you are so hooked you have no intention of putting this book down Majesty is your typical teenage girl really She attends high school, crushes on the guy that she feels is out of her reach even if he is a friend , has a sister that gets on her nerves and a mother that cares Until she over hears a plot to shoot up a church and her world is changed in so many ways It s hard to prove what you heard when you didn t see who said it and have no proof When you confess what you heard to a friend and they don t seem all that interested in doing something to help you where do you go from there Majesty is left to figure out so much on her own and in the process sometimes I get a little confused but I guess that is really how in her world you are at times Other times I think it may just have been me getting lost I love Majesty in the moments that she is strong and so positive of what must be done and her ability to not let go of that determination There are so many times that lesser people would have just become sunken and given up but not her she continues to fight even when she believes all may be lost Her less admirable qualities however really tore at me I wanted so badly to look past them but some times it just became all around too much I understand that teenage lust can be a much stronger feeling than most and Majesty s became down right too much for me It s not that she obsessed but to the fact that it was always one person or another at all times Even when you thought that she would be worried about the goings on around her there would be a boy that would pop into her mind or a reason for her to trust or not trust the one that she finally decided that she liked For the lusty guys there was Alec, Derek and Preston These are the ones to watch really The puzzle pieces that you want to fit in somewhere but can never quite figure out where However Preston is very loosely in this category It s Alec and Derek, who just happen to be Majesty s two best friends Also as it turns out these are the guys that she will fight to figure out what her true feelings are and if she can really trust them Derek coming from a hard background himself and the kind of guy that all parents warn their daughters about You know good looking but not the kind of guy that sticks around for long Then you go to Alec the steady one that is always there when you truly need him This also means he is the one that you over look and don t really see until something happens and you are forced to look at them from a different light Preston is kind of thrown in here as a wild card The popular guy that never really looks at you until one day that changes and you cant help but wonder is it is a cruel joke or a prank that will come crashing down at the last moment Despite how everything looks in this book I learned that you have to look past what you think you see and find what you don t That is really part of the appeal of this book It is one of the least predictable books that I have ever read and is written in such a way that even if at times you are confused you feel a need to know As I stated to start rather than in the start when I was confused as to where everything was headed I was compelled to continue reading This book just grabs a hold of you and keeps pulling you with such vigor you don t want to stop until you finish Every time you think you have it figured out and can put it down Courtney throws a new twist in or something to make you question everything Trust when I say stick with this book through what I felt to be a rough start and you wont be able to stop, it is a highly addictive and original read

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    MICHELLE S REVIEW RATING 5 ADDICTIVE DEREK STARS Curveballs are woven masterfully through this energetic read I went through a lot of emotions reading this book At first I felt confused with the Prologue Then the story kicks in like I should really know the characters and where I am at Now I am not criticising as this is a most exciting read, but it just takes the reader a bit to get their bearings But that is Courtney s style of writing, getting us to learn along with the characters It felt like I was slotted into the story next to Majesty I was her shadow.This book has everything It s quite chaotic with the mind games it plays on the reader It was amazing to watch myself change my rating of this book , the I read The title and cover image are very apt This book is very original and very cleverly written I applaud an author that can keep me guessing clap clap clap Now I will admit feeling a tad frustrated at the start as I was having a bit of trouble getting my head around all this information I was flooded with But This story just kept rising to the occasion Like, holy bat man, it was an incredibly intriguing read with mystery that just keeps you guessing There is no slowing down once this story gets into 5th gear The pedal is to the metal ,and hang on cause. it is going to be a bumpy ride.Bang Bang The character Derek, Majesty s best friend, appears at first to be quite two dimensional Just happy for a lay shakes head.holy cow Keep reading Alec, Derek s mate and also Majesty s other best friend..keep reading This book has baseball, an incredible mystery thingy that I can t tell you as it is such a major part of the story even though you don t know it Lust, betrayal, guns, explosive church scene, guys wanting to get it on with Majesty, but she has eyes for Derek or Alec the girl is confused There is stuff going on that is woven in spits and spurts through the storyline but it makes sense, a most interesting style of writing by Courtney It s hard to explain the buzz going in your head when reading as you play catch up, but at the same time it s very well done It s almost a challenge for the reader to get the right answer s My brain was going all over the place and then was zipping around another corner..thenCURVEBALL..Courtney really plays her characters off the reader What appears to the reader is not necessarily what it appears It s quite amazing the complicated puzzle and web of deceit that your brain realises after finishing Oh I need to shush up I loved watching Majesty turn all Nancy Drew She started to turn the tables and it worked very well Oh the trust issues and and.andthen..Bang Bang There are enough characters so choosing my words carefully to keep the reader guessing and and WT LIE LIE LIEThis would make a brilliant movie I can so see the brilliance of this on the big screen and the viewer s face as they start to get that moment of recognition, then the curveball that slaps them in the face..hehe SHOCK SHOCK SHOCKThere is such a frightening thought, what if this story could one day be a reality, the power and glory of being able to say.well I can t tell you that FAVE QUOTES Mom I m bruised, not broken I hate to get knocked down I hate to get screwed with And I hate to lose Let me try and be strong You don t understand how important this is for me A strip club Why am I even surprised No, no, no It s close to nude art, a dancing theater down to Band Aids and floss Close enough Awesome, huh Majesty s apology to Pete was about as well received as a used tampon Good I need you to be really naughty and spend the day with me He pinched his arm, making sure he wasn t still asleep Reality assured, he licked his lips Sure, I can be as naughty as you want I ll bring the whipped cream and the scarves.

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